Sfax International Forum on Islamic Finance association is a scientific association operating in accordance with the provisions of Decree n° 88 of 2011 dated on September 24th 2011 regarding the organization of associations. The association activities follow the rules of law, democracy, pluralism, transparency, equality and human rights. It is against violence, hate and any form of intolerance (religious, sexual or regional).

The association does not raise funds or provide support to parties or candidates for national, regional or local elections. It is a non-profit association and all its employees are volunteer.

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The activities of the association include :

  • Organization of the Sfax International Forum  on Islamic Finance.
  • Publication of reports and researches on Islamic finance and economics.
  • Providing consultancy services in Islamic finance.
  • Providing Islamic finance and economics training courses.
  • Collaboration with national and international institutions on projects related to Islamic finance.